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How Your Realtor Continues to Look Out For You

Our Managing Broker, Rodger Erker, is a long-standing name in the Tulsa Real Estate community

Home Buying isn’t as simple as it was 80 years ago — but it can be.

Eighty years ago, buying or selling a home was a whole different ballgame. A contract was one page long with seven blanks to fill in. Closings were extremely cordial. A seller would often hug the buyer and say, “We hope you love our home as much as we have loved it over the years.” They would tell stories of their fond memories about their children growing up in the home; about the backyard BBQ’s; about visiting with neighbors over the back fence or in the driveways.

Why buying a home now is more complicated and what you can do about it

Home buying used to be like buying a used car – As Is. The buyer knew there would be things wrong with the home, and expected to fix them after moving in.

Today buyer expectations have changed. Buyers expect all issues concerning the condition of the home to be corrected before the closing date.  If not, the transaction between buyer and seller often becomes adversarial, perhaps ending in a lawsuit.

How to protect yourself

These expectations brought about new inspection and disclosure processes.  Rodger Erker, the Managing Broker for McGraw REALTORS, was President of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS in 1994 before buyers received disclosure documents listing known defects.

How changes protect you, the BUYER:

  • Legislation passed laws requiring property condition disclosures.

  • Sellers must list defects and what has been done to correct them.

“Every house has defects,” Rodger says. “Some of the homes we sell are over 100 years old.”

How changes protect you, the SELLER:

  • Buyers can order inspections

  • Inspections protect the seller from lawsuits resulting from discoveries not revealed before closing

“Contracts have gone from one page to six,” Rodger explains. “All of the additional pages are the result of, or the threat of lawsuits.”

How changes help REALTORS show listings

Rodger Erker began his career in real estate in 1964. “In the old days,” he explains, “we didn’t have digital cameras or computers. You just put a sign in the yard and hoped you got a phone call.” Open houses were often the first time that prospective buyers saw the home.  Flyers were a sheet of paper with a few typed lines.  Rodger recalls, “You took pictures with your camera, had the film developed and pasted the photos onto the sheet of paper. These were handed out on Sunday at your open house.”

Rodger joined McGraw Breckinridge REALTORS in 1975

What these changes Mean to Buyers & Sellers

Then Now
REALTORS picked out the houses to show Buyers choose the homes to see from the internet   
REALTORS knew all the facts about the home  Buyers know facts from research beforehand
REALTORS showed buyers their first view of home Buyers have seen every room from online photos
REALTORS drove buyers to a few homes Buyers have viewed many homes on the internet

REALTORS have the key to the home & the knowledge to get it to closing!

REALTORS have the key to the home & the knowledge to get it to closing!   


How your REALTOR helps you buy a home

  • Legalities,

  • Disclosures,

  • Contracts

  • Inspections

  • Getting the transaction to the closing.

  • Offering suggestions and solutions to help clients overcome objections about the home

Buying a home is often the biggest purchase a buyer will ever make, and a knowledgeable REALTOR helps the client not be overwhelmed.

How to make sure you do not suffer from buyers’ remorse

“There is nothing worse than seeing someone buy a home and then being unhappy they bought it,” Rodger says. A good REALTOR helps prevent this from happening. “It is impossible to know every area and community. McGraw has offices in Broken Arrow, Owasso, Grand Lake, South Tulsa and Midtown, each with agents who know the area like the back of their hands.”

A knowledgeable REALTOR knows about nearby:

  • Shopping

  • Restaurants

  • Museums

  • Schools

  • Family/kid-friendly places and events

  • Culture and lifestyle of the area

How To Choose Your REALTOR

Buyers and sellers need to use a REALTOR that is associated with a firm they can trust. “McGraw REALTORS has been in business for 80 years, a rarity for any business,” Rodger states. “The founders of McGraw are the most ethical people you will ever meet, and it is important to everyone at McGraw to carry on that legacy.”

by Rosie Gorrell


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